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Palindrome is a sister-fueled collaboration that began with Anna + Kate Thompson. With shared sensibilities and backgrounds in graphic design, publishing and photography, our studio aims to empower clients with a visual vocabulary needed to enhance their narrative. We rely on an intuitive aesthetic and a penchant for nostalgia to design compelling visuals that bring ideas to life.


G R A P H I C   D E S I G N

The design process is a team effort. Through an in-depth questionnaire, mood boards, conceptualizing and sketching, we create a strategy to meet our end design goal. By working closely with you, we capture the unique qualities of your business, ultimately providing a visual language that embodies your brand's core values. With this set of tools, our clients are equipped to promote their business successfully. The platforms through which your visual brand can unfold are truly limitless!  Services include branding development and logo design, custom lettering, book/publication design, stationery, custom artwork + illustration. 


Photography is a collaborative process that begins with a questionnaire and ideally a few in-person conversations about your business narrative and goals. The more we're able to get to know you, the more your images will match your voice and attract clients to your business. We accept a range of projects from single headshots to photographing a restaurant's menu, special events, behind-the scenes, and interiors. No project is too large or small. Services available include custom stock photography, lifestyle images,  headshots, atmosphere/interiors + more.


I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N

Interior design is more than just visual presentation, it is the complete picture of a cohesive space. The process of design starts with first finding the intention and direction of the space, and then moving forward in discovering and pinpointing your desired aesthetic. Through shared images, descriptions, and purpose, we strive to fully understand and actualize your vision. The outcome is one that should not only delight, but also comfort, as living in visual harmony relaxes and calms the soul. Services include space planning, color consultation, collaboration with design team, lighting plans, and initial blueprint development. 

E D I T O R I A L + W R I T I N G

You know what you do, but do your potential customers? Content may be king but brevity is queen. Clients don’t have time to dig around your site browsing at portfolios and testimonials. They want the story of your business, what makes you special, what makes you "the one".  And they want it fast or they will move on. If your website and marketing materials are just a pretty billboard for your business that’s only the first step. Clear, customized content that connects is the goal. Services include website content, bios, media/press kits, customized articles, blog posts and social messaging, email & newsletter copywriting, event promotions/publicity, press releases.


A N N A   T H O M P S O N

Graphic Designer + Co-Founder |, @annathom_

K A T E   T H O M P S O N

Photographer + Co-Founder |, @bettyclicker

I S A B E L   E C K R O S H

Interior Designer + Stylist |, @isabeleckrosh

S H A N N O N  O ' N E I L L

Writer + Editor |, @sfoneill75